Planning  permission was obtained and work started in July 1992 to convert it to a 5 bedroom dwelling.

There are now four floors plus the roof terrace and a cellar.

The Tower is approximately 45 feet high.

There is a marker on the front of the building saying ‘Above sea 239 ft’ with a line and arrow – this is believed to be the level of the bottom of the water tanks. The corbels which supported the girders which held the tanks can be seen at the top of the stairs and on the lower terrace.

There is a cast iron gate and spike-topped end railing in the garden. These are remains of railings, which were pulled down in the Hyde Park Riot of 1866 and brought down to Swanage as ballast for the return journey of the stone barges and erected here to enclose the tower plot. Most of the rest of the railings were taken as metal scrap during the war.

The roof is approx 75cms lower than it was originally, to satisfy health and safety authorities (and to help prevent vertigo!!!) From the roof a 360’ view is obtained – over Swanage bay and town – up the valley towards Corfe (although Corfe cannot be seen due to a bend in the valley) – over some of Durlston Country Park – across the sea to the Isle of Wight and past Old Harry Rocks towards Bournemouth.